Dansk/Spansk par søger lejlighed i Stockholm fr...

Område: Stockholms län

Maxhyra 14000,00 sek/mån
Rum1 rum
Minsta yta30m2
OmrådeStockholms län
Tidigast inflyttningsdatumSå snart som möjligt
Datum: 1880 dagar sedan
Kontakta hyresgäst

Dansk/Spansk par søger lejlighed i Stockholm fra Februar-Juni 2017

Rum1 rum
Minsta yta30m2
OmrådeStockholms län
Tidigast inflyttningsdatumSå snart som möjligt
Maxhyra14000,00 sek/mån
HyresperioderMindre än 12 mån

My wife (Noemi) and I (Marc) will be moving to Stockholm, for 4 months (28 Jan 2017 – 28 May 2017) while I do my internship at Scandinavian Airlines, while also working in my own Airline Consultancy company, and she works fulltime as a freelance translator with her company, and occasionally also as a visiting professor at a Universidad Europea in Madrid. So we have a steady income.I too will be getting a scholarship from the EU + educational support funding from the Danish Government during our stay. In addition, I own a flat in Copenhagen that I am currently renting out, so I can understand and appreciate that you are looking for someone that will take good care of your place. We will definitely do so, as we are tidy, clean and organised. My flat is also listed on Airbnb, and I have quite a few reviews, should you want to check them out to.

On a more personal note, I am a 28 year old Danish guy from Copenhagen (so I should perhaps write in Danish, but you know how it goes with us Swedes and Danes :) and Noemi is 30 years old and from Spain. Noemi has a Masters in Translation and I am finishing my Bachelors in International Sales and Marketing Management. Furthermore, I have been accepted into a University in Southern England starting from Sep 2017, studying an MSc in Air Transport Management.
We are both non-smokers, and even, non-drinkers, and have been all of our lives (So no crazy parties). We don’t do pets either, so no worries.

Please let us know if you would like to know any more about us, or perhaps have a skype meeting etc.

Vi ser fram emot att höra från dig!

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