General terms of usage, bostadssurf

These are the terms for all purchases at, that you have read and agreed the following terms and conditions of purchase. The user’s mark in the felt with “I accept the payment terms”, is consider as an agreement between you and, after which and you are bound by the terms. The agreement of acquisition is between you (the advertiser) and (the add provider).

When purchasing at, you accept that can deduct the agreed amount of money, in agreement with the chosen service, either from your payment card or phone bill. As soon as the payment is completed the service will be visible at Since the advertising starts right after the payment, there is no right of cancellation for the purchase. The advertising runs in the stated period and cannot be terminated. The remaining period will be lost, if an advertisement or a user gets deleted before time. Any sort for online transmission of money occurs by an encrypted connection, so that credit card information for instance, cannot be read or intercept by others. To show that a connction is encrypted, browsers show an icon of a closed lock in the address bar. In preparation to provide a maximum security of your credit card information, does not save your credit card information. This implies, that we provide with very high standards when it comes to security. After purchasing one of the chosen services, you will receive a receipt for the purchase, either per mail or SMS.

The intropackage costs only 19 KR for the first 4 days and afterwards 299 KR per month, which will be deducted automatically until you unsubscribe. A subscription can always be cancelled from your profile beneath your account settings.

You can cancel your membership whenever it suits you, and the subscription will end accordingly by the end of the paid period. It is however not possible to cancel the membership subscription within the first 24 hours due to technical reasons. You will however be free to cancel your membership as you please, once the initial 24 hours have passed. In other words, you can register yourself as “looking for housing”, and contact as many landlords as you please within the first 24 hours via, and then cancel your subscription the following day although we would be sorry to see you go!

Right of cancellation
There is no right of cancellation when purchasing a chosen service on As soon as the payment is completed, the delivery has taken place and the service will appear on There are no right of cancellation, due to the fact that the advertising starts immediately after the purchase. The service is received and has been used by you, by which the service cannot be returned. That indicates very noticeable, that your right for a refund is no longer available and cannot be cancelled, when you purchase a service. With your approval of these general terms, you also approve that the right of cancellation, no longer is available and that this has been made very visible when purchasing your service at If you do not wish to continue with your service, the provided service needs to be cancelled before the automatically renewal.

Rules of advertising
It is a requirement that when you purchase extra visibility at, that you have an actual intention with your advertisement. Therefore there must not appear incorrect or misleading information in the advertisement. approves all advertisements and reserve the right to adjust or delete advertisements with incorrect or misleading information. Any advertising content must be written in a good and sober tone, so that the content is in no way offensive or insulting. For instance, it is not allowed to:
  • Encourage illegality
  • Bring racist comment
  • Bring threats of violence
  • Bring pornographic material
  • Harassment
  • Bring libel (defamation), wrongful accusations etc.
  • can without any warning remove or adjust all information, which violates with these rules.

Publication of e-mails to you
With your accept of these terms, you also accept that has the right to send you e-mails with information regarding extra visibility including ex. updates, services, termination and purchases of further advertisement periods etc.

Refund by lack of contact
Lack of contact
You have the right for a refund for the intropackage and a refund of the amount of 19 KR. if you only bought the intropackage to get in touch with a specific landlord. Activity
You only have the right to get your money refunded, if your account has not been active since the purchase of the intropackage. It can be tested immediately, if a request for a refund is required. Payment
The amount of money will often be available on your account at the same day, in case that the request has been received before 4 pm. We guarantee that you have your money on your account within 2-5 working days, after receiving the request for a refund.

The agreement terminates, when the period for the purchased service either expires or if the advertisement is deleted. The period of time with always appear in the order and in the receipt, we send to your mail. You can always delete your advertisement at, that entails that the rest of the remaining time on the advertisement and any possible acquisition will be lost, since the remaining time and acquisition cannot be transferred to a new advertisement.

Any questions, requests for help and complaints can be send to the following e-mail:

Exemption of liability provides with the contact between renter and landlord and does not take part in the let of a product/service. does not promise any kind of guarantee or insurance of your leased/rented product. It is the landlord’s responsibility that the product/service fulfil their obligations, as well as the treatment of bearings takes place in accordance with the agreement with the owner/landlord. is not liable for damages or for any losses that may occur in connection with your use etc. of the services provides. In addition to this is not liable for losses that is caused by:
  • crash and/or lack in the access to IT systems, servers, etc., or destruction/damage/loss etc. in data of these systems, that ex. can be referred to the next following points, even though it is who is in charge for the operations of the system.
  • Failure of power supply or telecommunications at
  • Legislative restrictions
  • Terrorism or vandalism (including computer viruses and hacking), riots, insurrection, sabotage, war or natural disasters.
  • Strikes, lockouts, boycotts or blockade, regardless of whether the conflict is directed at or initiated by itself or its organization and regardless of the conflict reason. This also applies if the conflict affects only parts of
  • Other conditions, circumstances and force majeure of any kind, which are outside’s control.

Change of guidelines reserves the right to change these guidelines with 14 days of warning. If decides to change the guidelines, you will receive an mail to the e-mail that you registered/published at
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